Proven Spots Ranch 

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Purebred Chilean Colt

Unnamed PSR Dun Chilean Colt

Foal Date: 3-29-2018

Coligue Recuerdo X Carambola

Purebred Dun Chilean colt pictured at one month old. Very flashy, big boned, and correct with four white socks and a wide blaze. This colt is very athletic and balanced.  If desired to to be sold as a breeding stallion, offspring bred to AQHA mares would be eligible for Arriador registry through American Horse Registries. Select APHA mares may be eligible as well. This colt will be sold with registry. He will be UC Davis DNA verified to both parents, microchipped, and his registry will be transferred to his new owner.

Offered for sale as a stallion or a gelding, price depends on use.


Purebred Marchador Filly

PSR Lil Smudge "Smudge"

Foal Date: 3-8-2018

PSR Reglo do Sopressa X Vaquera do RockinK

Stellar Buskskin Marchador filly with LOTS of contershading. This girl is sure to impress! 
Tall stockings, very sooty, beautiful ground covering Batida. This filly is extremely sweet and personable, first horse to run up to you for "loving" in the pasture. Eligible for dual registration through American Marchador Registry and ABCCMM North America. 

This filly will be sold with registry. She will be UC Davis DNA verified to both parents, microchipped, and her registry will be transferred to her new owner. 

Priced to sell at $10,000