Proven Spots Ranch 

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Mangalarga Marchadors 



 Hermosa de los Cielos

"Hermosa" is an incredible 15hh Cremello mare who is invaluble to our program. She is the ONLY offspring of National imported champion stallion Ritmo AJ and imported National champion mare Jaina do Passo Fino. Two National champion horses who were bred together to produce Hermosa, never to be repeated. This potent mixture of superior genetics has created a mare that boasts a flowing effortless batida, and streamline conformation. Hermosa is a seasoned endurance horse who has proven to be incredibly hardy and quick.




 Vaquera do Rockin K

"Vaquera" is a stunning  15.1hh TRUE black batida mare who sports more action than she can handle. HUGE animated gaits, with triple hoof support. Vaquera is one of three true black mares in the U.S. currently and has no white hairs or markings. She is sired by Imported National champion stallion Ninja de Sao Jaoquim and out Carmel do Lucero.




Preta do Serra Vista 

BIG bodied 15.2hh smokey black marcha batida and center gaited mare. Strong and solid mare with good bone. Flat muscles, clean straight topline. Gently sloping hindquarters. Very well built. Heavily Tabatinga bred.  




Bela Lua do Hong Dynesty

 "Tinkerbell" is one of our younger broodmares. She will adds refinement and action tp her foals. The ground wasn't created to hold this girls gaits! She truly believes she is royalty, and when you see her she will have you believing it too!  Amazing bloodlines. Sleek streamline build. 




PSR Holy Smokes 

"Smoky" is an stunning young smoky black filly out of Hermosa. Very well built, wonderful batida. We will be keeping this phenomenal girl in our broodmare band.