Proven Spots Ranch

PSR Regalo do Sopresa


One of the highest quality colts on the market in the U.S. money can buy! Striking buttermilk dunskin colt. Sired by one of the TOP imported Brazilian ELITE national champion stallions (Ninja do Sao Joaquim) in the U.S., out of one of the highest producing mares in the U.S. This handsome young fellows full brother sold for $35,000 in utero in 2011. His dam (Hermosa) is sired by a top national Brazilian stallion (Ritmo A.J.) who has won multiple Brazilian championships. Hermosa's dam (Janita do Passo Fino) is also a performance national Brazilian champion.... and the line continues down from there!

This boy's pedigree reads like the who's who of the Marchador world. He is a once in a lifetime opportunity for our breeding program. This boy is a centered batida and exhibits triple hoof support. Highly animated gaits, with superb action and shows extreme over reach. This boy lifts and gaits as though the ground is on FIRE! You cannot mistake this boy in the barn for ANY of our other breeds, as he is the true description of how a Mangalarga Marchador should look, in every sense of the word.